I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.

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Inside Orphan Black

Each of them is Tatiana, and yet each of them is uniquely developed (and beautiful) in their own way. Tatianamorphosis.

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So I’m like 200 away from a pretty excellent even number that I never ever thought I’d get anywhere NEAR on this site. I was going to do this when I hit that set of digits, but seeing as one of the primary reasons I’m on this site is five days away (OBS2), I’m just gonna preemptively do this thang in addition to the other miscellaneous Orphan Black season premiere celebrations I’ll be plotting this week.

I was a big ol’ lurker on this site intially, and I’ve gotta first & foremost thank my comrade-in-fandom & other-things cannibithobbal for encouraging me to actually reblog crap so long ago, because I didn’t get wtf reblogging was all about. SEE THE MONSTER YOU CREATED EMILY? I’m out of control. I know. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. :P

My list is brief, and essentially an appreciation of folks here who’ve in some way made my Tumblr experience the best online year(s) I’ve had in quite some time. I know I missed people — if I did, it is completely my overworked/sleep deprived and forgetful mind. Clone Club’s been a really superb, kickass community of talented, creative, respectful, open-minded, insightful people from all spectrums and I’m glad to know you guys. Thanks for following me, those of you who do, thanks for reblogging and liking my arts and rambles and all those sorts of goofy things that I do. I love contributing and I love seeing all the stuff you guys put out there. This is only the third fandom I’ve been actively involved in and it is, for sure, hands down, the best one.


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love you Hafsah! <3

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gelphie mix covers

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She’s so funny and adorable and her voice is heaven. ~Jemma Rix on Suzie Mathers

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The Dream Team! / My Elphie and Glinda » Jemma Rix and Suzie Mathers

I think the reason why I love Jemma and Suzie’s friendship as much as their portrayal of Elphaba and Glinda’s tandem is because their chemistry is so genuine and natural. They don’t force it to happen; it just does.

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Just finished playing The Last of Us so obviously I got the Wicked drawing bug. Inspired by Olly Moss and his cute ass Joel and Ellie. :)
high res

So I saw Wicked twice 2 months ago and all I could think of throughout the show was “I ship Elphaba and Glinda”.

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this is amazing. 
#potterhead forever.

This is tripping me out..

The longer you stare the weirder it gets lol